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Mr. & Mrs. Shah, Mumbai

Our experience with homeopathy & Dr. Sonal’s Fertility Clinic:

“To start Identify us as Mr & Mrs Shah. After going through innumerable infertility treatments for 5 years from the best know doctors in the field in Mumbai we met Dr. Sonal with a faint hope for our case of unexplained infertility as specified by our previous doctors. But after a detailed meeting & prolonged study of reports Dr. Sonal suggested she may take atleast 6 months to treat us with my husband going through male infertility combined with multiple problems of diabetes & high cholesterol .And my case being classic case of infertility where I was treated with numerous hormonal treatments which according to Dr. Sonal I didn’t need to go through.

Nevertheless her assurance, positivity & confidence started hitting us as well. Every time we met her going through detailed symptom studies throughout the week & including positive lifestyle changes revived our hope of parenthood. Her constant availability through latest technology made her accessible 24*7 which today’s doctors rarely give you the most precious their time. At one stage our expectations were so high that we literally started questioning when would we become parents?? She patiently listened to us & helped us sail through ups & downs of emotional upheavals.

The best part of the treatment was homeopathy without any side effects of painful injections, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, negativity etc. In fact homeopathy medicine not only cured my husband & me & made us proud parents within 6 months as assured by Dr. Sonal it instilled so much positivity & cheerfulness that even in my first 2 months of pregnancy I have not experienced major discomfort. And even after pregnancy constant touch with the doctor & her medicines have helped me with a healthy pregnancy without any bed rest or any other restrictions.
To end with Go with homeopathy the miracle cure for infertility with Dr. Sonal & her team.

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