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Welcome to Dr. Sonal Sanghavi’s Homoeopathic Centre

With a vision to extend the reach of homoeopathy, Dr. Sonal Sanghavi set up her clinic 19 years ago in 1997. She had a rich and insightful experience before that with Dr. Vijay Shah for 13 yrs. After being introduced to and witnessing its practical wonders herself, she envisioned to treat through classical homoeopathy. Having a practice that spans illnesses, diseases and ailments, Dr. Sanghavi specializes in treating fertility, multiple chronic ailments & specially challenged children.

Homoeopathy offers long lasting & permanent cures, treating from the roots of diseases, for most of the ailments with minimal side effects. It does not treat only from the outside by subsiding the symptoms, it is the science that heals the patient from within. homoeopathy is one of the most balanced disciplines with detail to its concepts of health, disease and cure. It does not suppress the illness, it draws it out and treats the core. Each individual is different and hence the treatment at Dr. Sonal Sanghavi’s Clinic is formulated as per the individual patient and their ailment. After having spent almost two decades in the learning, practice and teaching in the field of homoeopathy the researched outcome has led to effective treatment of countless happy patients.

At Dr. Sonal Sanghavi’s Clinic, each case is looked into with a thorough understanding of the mind and body with an evolved approach to the treatment. A team of doctors and assistants who collaboratively work towards research and fruitful treatment have steadfastly directed the clinic to finding successful cures continuously as well as instilling the belief in the science of homoeopathy. Through years of practice the clinic has successfully treated cases nationally and internationally specializing in fertility, specially challenged children and chronic ailments.

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