Case Records

Mrs. Tawade, 35 & Mr. Tawade, 35, Kalwa- Thane

Mrs. Tawade was suffering from Primary Infertility, Fibroids, hormonal disorder and severe pelvic pain.

“She narrates her story in brief …

married in 2004, happy and satisfied married life- regular periods- persistently trying for a baby for 2 yrs – still- could not conceive- contacted family doctor- was advised HSG (study of fallopian tubes) – done- reports normal- blood investigations normal- still result negative- visited Gynecologist- routine oral hormones started- failed- than did IUI- failed- now…I was fad up..and gave up all the treatments and took a year gap.

After a year went to another Gynecologist, once again IUI was done- ………failed….than IVF was done- result same….failed……with repeated unsuccessful infertility treatments done so far….I developed serious complications as a side effect viz Endometriosis and fibroids in my uterus- suffered unbearable physical and mental trauma- collapsed financially- it was all pain nothing but pain and only pain all the way- Mrs. Parikh a friend of mine forced me to meet Dr. Sonal Sanghavi.

After 8 years of my childless married life- in year 2012- I met Dr. Sonal Sanghavi- I spoke to her about my – Infertility- depression- endometriosis- fibroids & severe ovarian pain during my menses.

She listened to me very patiently- consoled me- and started my treatment for such multiple complaints- and in course of 6-7 months- she eradicated every disease from my body and mind through Homoeopathy- than started treatment for Infertility…

In Feb- 2013 I finally Conceived- today when I write all these in month of Oct 2013- I’m 8 months pregnant- I get round the clock guidance from my Doctor- I and my doctor pray to God and are pretty sure that I will deliver a healthy baby in short time.

The very moment I met Doctor Sanghavi is as precious to me as the moment I had met my husband!!

May god bless Dr Sonal Sanghavi with a long life and give her strength to help many childless women like me.”