Miss. Jain

Homoeopathy Clinic


Miss  Jain, a Borderline mentally retarded child came to us with the chief complaint of attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, ataxic gait, reduced eye focus and severe worm infestation.

We started her treatment , initially patient’s worm infection was better with a gradual progress in her hyperactivity. During the course of treatment patient also had an episode of asthmatic attack but was managed by homoeopathic medication itself. Gradually by 6 months of treatment impulsiveness was reduced, ataxia was better, there was no complaints from school.

Patient is much better and has improved in her personal as well as academic performance, So we have stopped her medications.


My daughter  is 10 years old .She was having allergic cold and cough. She is autistic child with learning disability. I started Homoeopathic treatment at Dr. Sonal Sanghavi ‘s clinic before 6 months. I found drastic change in her health and also in behaviour. Hyperness, aggressiveness is also in control. I would recommend Homeopathic treatment and specially Dr.Sonal.