Today I share my experience about my treatment of urticaria (commonly known as Hives), a allergic skin problem and how Dr.Sonal and her team help me to recover from it.

Though I had this allergic problem much before but had never paid much attention as it was never severe as this one. It all started a week after I returned from my Manali trip, were I started getting hives or urticaria reaction on my body. First 2 days we did all home remedies to settle it but was all in vain. On 3rd day I visited Dr.Sonal and with the help of her booster dose it began to settle. But sooner or later it used to reoccur, we were in constant contact with Dr.Sonal as the hives were not just ready to settle. something had triggered my immunity tremendously. There come a time when hives began to hamper my breathing and I started to get breathless.

Later on mutual consent with Dr.Sonal and my family I was shifted to KDAH and was under treatment for 7 days of steroids (orally and intravenous).Though the Hives settled a bit but the steroids had a very bad effect on my body. the hives were soo bad that I couldn’t even see my face in mirror .My face had completely change (swollen eyes, swollen nose, swollen lips and ears).My fingers had become so weak, that I could even hold pencil in my hand. I got weak , there was skin discoloration, weight gain due to steroids.

Thanks to Dr. Sonal Sanghavi and her team , after my discharge I immediately visited her and she handled the case soo beautifully. With the help of Homoeopathy , all the hives completely went away and so were the effects of steroids vanishing day by day. The cause of hives is still a query may be something in food or the pollens from hill … didnt know but now I will be very careful about it.

My sincere gratitude to Dr. Sonal Sanghavi and her team and for care and support all throughout it. Dr.Sonal and homoeopathy have saved my life.

Thanks a lot once again.