Mst. R. Sanap

Homoeopathy Clinic

My son is 8 yrs old. He is a case of Down’s Syndrome. He is very hyperactive child. He was not able to speak also,was not following any instructions. We started Homoeopathic treatment at Dr.Sonal Sanghavi’s clinic before 8 months. There is very a lot of improvement in him. His understanding has improved lot. Hypernesss also reduced. He follows instructions. Overall health wise also he is much better. No acutes since treatment started. He now studies in school. He had heart problem at time of birth (ASD) which was operated. But he was not gaining weight and was recurrently following sick. Which is not the case now. We are very happy to see his all round development with homoeopathy.
Thanks to Homoeopathy and whole team of Dr. Sonal.