A lady age 30 yrs resident of Borivali came to us on 19th January 2016, with chronic complaint of psoriasis since 7-8 yrs.

It started with a small patch on scalp which gradually spread throughout the occipital region and behind both the ears. The patches were so big that she use to feel embarrassed and would try to hide them by always keeping her hair open and hide it from exposure.

Also she had chronic migraine. She was taking Homoeopathic treatment from some other clinic but it didn’t help her much..

Gradually the patches reduced in size during treatment and currently she has just a single small pinpoint patch behind her left ear.

Every time she came to see me in clinic…she had few more patients waiting prior to her turn….each time I found her so angry to enter and to converse with… her anger would not let her narrate her details properly….To me this constant state of agitation was an over reaction and against patients immunity. I treated her anger….along with skin and she was cured…Thanks to Homoeopathy the Boon on earth!!