Mrs.P. Kashyap

Homoeopathy Clinic

I am Mrs.  Kashyap, married in the year 2008 to Mr. Kashyap. I am obese since childhood got PCOD before marriage. Irregular menstrual cycle led to fibrods in uterus which had to be removed by surgery. I was trying allopathy to resolve my problems but nothing helped. Hormonal imbalance was the root cause of the problem but no allopathy doctor treated for this. All I achieved was depression. I tried all possible ways but nothing helped….. Then I was introduced to Dr.Sonal Sanghavi by my childhood friend. Doctor’s positive reaction for my case impressed me and my husband. She worked on the root cause of my problem and that was Hormonal imbalance.

She heard all my past life history and her team gave 100% attention to help me to come out of this. My treatment was started on 6/5/2016 and today in October 2016, I am in 5th monthof pregnancy.

Dr.Sonalben calls my pregnancy a miracle one and I say miracle is to have Dr.Sonalben in your life.