Mrs. K. Desai

Homoeopathy Clinic

Medical Complaint

Mrs. Desai , a 48 yrs old female residing in Mumbai came to us on 5/11/2014 with a complaint of giddiness since past 15 days. She felt giddy at any movement of neck and it was accompanied with sense of imbalance. She also complained of pain in cervical and lumbar spine along with pain in both the knees. She is a known case of hypertension on treatment with Tab. Miniprest. We started homoeopathy from 5/11/2014 and she started feeling betterment in the frequency and intensity of giddiness within 2-3 weeks of treatment and eventually in 2-3 months she completely  had no complaint of giddiness.

Her other allied complaints of knee pain were also better in 3-4 months of treatment.

Patient Feedback

I had problems of joint pains (arthritis) since 6 months. I started Homoeopathic treatment at Dr.Sonal Sanghavi’s clinic. Gradually I began to feel relief in my joint pain. I had also taken treatment for vertigo before 1.5 yrs .back which was also cured by Homoeopathy.
Thanks To Dr. Sonal and her treatment.