Mst. Shiek

Homoeopathy Clinic


Gender : M         Age : 4 years      Enrollment  Dt. : 27/8/16

Mst. Shiek came to us along with his mother. Patient had a complaint of stomach infection, symptoms of vomiting and passing of mucoid stools along with high grade fever.

In general patient complained of decreased appetite and tendency to constipation. He had been always bottle feed.After starting treatment just within 2 days, patient started improving. There was no trace of fever, stools were normal, appetite has also increased and soon after that patient had gave up bottle.

The patient presently is off treatment.


My son who is 4 yrs.had stomach infection and  was  ready to consume any medicine and hence, we decided to start with homoeopathy for him. Within 2 days we saw results and in a weeks time he was well. We continued with the treatment to improve him apitite and in a months time it has. The advise received was very good to change his routine and habits (bottle feed). Now I am continuing with the treatment for his skin rash. I am satisfied with homoeopathy.