Medical History of Patient 

Baby Ms. Katale is a 4 year old girl from Dadar, Mumbai. She came to us for treatment of Cerebral Palsy. She had suffered complications during birth, she had consumed Meconium (first stool of baby infant) at time of birth. This caused her to chock and not cry immediately when she was born. She developed respiratory issues and complications.

All her developmental milestones were delayed grossly because of CP. When she was brought to us, she had both sensory and motor delay. Along with being highly aggressive, she had an unmanageable habit of biting and hitting Occupational Therapists (OT).
As soon as we started our Homoeopathic Treatment on her, she started improving quickly. This is what her OT teacher Ms. Kadakia has to say about Ms. Katale’s progress.

Ms. Katale has been taking regular OT sessions since 2012.

When Dr Nanavati suggested that Ms. Katale goes to your clinic and start with homeopathy, we saw the following changes:

  • initially when put on treatment we discontinued OT for one and a half month.
  • after that when we resumed therapy she was much calmer than before and we could proceed with the exercise programme.
  • her auditory sensitivity reduced.
  • her drooling also stopped.
  • now she is able to crawl.
  • developing coming to sit from quadruped position.
  • she is able to sit independently.
  • athetoid movements reduced.
  • comes to kneeling position on her own and is able to do table top activities while kneeling.
  • making her stand with push knee and training her to walk holding the bed or sofa.

Thus this is her update as of today.

Patient Feedback

My daughter is 5 years old. She is diagnosed with cerebral palsy since birth, also is slow learner. After I started with Homoeopathic medicine at Dr. Sonal sanghavi’s clinic, I found so many changes in her understanding.There is much improvment in her coordination that is eye to eye contact. Now she follows the instructions given to her. Homoeopathic treatment is very effective for my child.