Mr. Patel, a 12 year old boy suffers from ADHD. These are his mother’s very genuine words about their treatment journey. We couldn’t thank her enough for her kind words.

I am Mr. Patel’s mom and today I want to share our journey with all. Mr. Patel was not going to school, was very aggressive and would throw things, he even destroyed the TV , fridge and furniture. He indulged in this rage action for two to three times a day. Would pull young smaller kids, hit them, pull the hair apart of anyone walking on road. It was impossible to manage him. In the middle of the night he would get up and abruptly start slapping me and his dad, he would run away from home to neighbour’s house etc. At shops, if we refused to buy him any food stuff, he would pick up the jars and break them off. He would behave out of control. Our lives were more than miserable. Last year I enrolled him at POSAT school of special needs. There I was given Dr. Sonal Sanghavi’s Clinic number and was urgently advised to start her treatment. Just within 15 days of medication our life started changing as we saw lots of improvement in Mr. Patel.

Today we have finished a year of treatment and my child has changed. He is now calm, manageable, socially safe and communicable. I can leave him with other children or with neighbors without any fears. He attends school regularly and started writing too. We hardly get any complaints about him from his school teachers, they too are very happy to see his improvement

I can’t forget to convey the fact that if this treatment was a paid one we could never afford it. I don’t have words to thank to Dr. Sanghavi and her staff for treating special children totally free of cost. No matter till how long it takes I’m sure she will always treat us “special.