The treatment of Ms. Solanki brought out one of the maximum evolutions that we have witnessed. She is a 15 year old girl and came to us on 21st April 2015. She was suffering from Spasticity, Mental Retardation and Epilepsy. This is what her mother had to say.

Many thanks to Dr. Sonal Sanghavi, we have seen remarkable change in Ms. Solanki since we started the Homoeopathic Treatment. During treatment she started overcoming all her fears. She now tries to speak and understands what others have to say. She could not hold her knees up and had terrible difficulty sitting before but now she can sit properly, knees and legs are relaxed. Can keep legs straight too. Her temper and aggressiveness has also calmed down. I find her in a very happy and cheerful state. She now loves songs and enjoys it. Her cycles and bodily functions have also improved too.