Meet Mr. Pereira, age 31 from Dubai. Francis is a patient of Autism. He came with his parents for Homoeopathic treatment of Autism, Epilepsy and behavioral disorder. On 1st March they visited us for the first time, within a span of 3 months, his parents, therapists and relatives observed significant improvements in him. This is what his mother has to say.

He has drastically changed from his previous state. I have seen his behavior change from being completely self-absorbed to having an understanding of acceptable behavior. He has stopped taking his clothes off. He is a calmer, more obedient and receptive person now. He even sits still in the church without disturbing or getting fidgety. This is a stark difference from his initial behavior where he used to get angry and bite his shirt. His therapist is very happy with him and started engaging him in more activities. He has started quilling, painting with almost no resistance. He enjoys these activities and does a very good job of it. I used to be very worried with him in public spaces, especially roads but now he obeys and follows direction efficiently. Everyone has seen his development and they have commented on his changes.