Meet Mr. Jedhe, a 12 year boy from Gundecha School, was referred to us for his learning difficulties.
He had a problem writing and his motor skills were also poor. He avoided attempting usual tasks. He was totally disinterested in studies but would understand he was different from his peers and kept asking mom why he was so different from others. He also had behavioral issues and had become aggressive and unmanageable.
His evaluation showed poor verbal IQ. For the last one year he has been getting many school complainants of hyperactivity, inattentiveness, anger out bursts etc.

Now after treatment this is what his mother had to say…..

‘I am Ms. Jedhe, mother of Master Mr. Jedhe.
I am truly greatful to you for the kind of work that you are doing.. It’s heartwarming to see such wonderful kids who simply have some needs different from others are being nurtured emotionally in your clinic.
Being a working mother I do not get much chance to bring Mr. Jedhe to your clinic hence my mother Ms. Nanavati accompanies him.. But just one visit to your clinic has bought tears in my eyes..
About Mr. Jedhe.
Background: Mr. Jedhe has been diagnosed with severe LD., lack of attention, etc. this has been impacting his academics hugely. He also exhibits severe rigid behavior and non-cooperation when we approach him with academic related solutions or try to discipline him.
All these issues were seen at home, school and social environment
It’s been a year since we are taking treatment with you.. and I feel truly grateful and thankful to you.. Your treatment has turned the leaf in Mr. Jedhe.. I always trusted homeopathy and Ayurvedic healing practices. This experience has further anchored my trust..
With your treatment Mr. Jedhe has been more attentive and focused at home and in outside world.. He still shows aggression when we correct him for his indiscipline.. But he cools down faster and understands our point of view..this has helped him educational progress also to an extent.
Hoping for the best.. And good wishes to you for the work. That you are doing.’

Learning disabilities can be overcome, give the child a chance and with the right guidance we can make it possible.