Case Records

Mrs. Modi, 32, Mumbai

“I’m Mrs. Modi (Age- 32 yrs) here in voluntarily share my medical experience with you all.

I was gifted motherhood with God’s blessings and Homoeopathic Treatment only. Today I have a 6 yrs old son. Before 7 yrs I was suffering from PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease), which is a serious hormonal disease and a major cause of Infertility in females.

I underwent IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) which is very painful and expensive Allopathic treatment. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful! As a side effect I had gained 14 kgs weight! And pregnancy became all the more difficult.
In January, 2006, I Started with Dr. Sonal Sanghavi’s Homoeopathic Treatment at her Centre and was blessed with heavenly boon of pregnancy positive just within a year and in 2007 I delivered a healthy baby boy.

Our faith on Homoeopathy and on Dr. Sonal Sanghavi in turn helped us cherish life’s most beautiful gift all through our life!

Through my experience I strongly suggest all such helpless women/ couple to opt for Homeopathy, as it is highly result oriented, has no side effects, no mental or physical pains of any procedures and to add on not very expensive.

I love Homoeopathy!!