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Mrs.  Ashar, Mumbai

Hi myself Mrs. Ashar.

First I would like to thank Dr. Sonal Sanghavi for helping me to conceive.

My husband had a low sperm count. We took treatment for the same in a male fertility clinic, but unfortunately there was no positive result, even after the sperm count increasing and taking the treatment for almost one and a half year.

One of our relative came across an article of Dr. Sonal Sanghavi in CHITRALEKHA. After consultation with our homeopathic doctor we decided to meet her. The first meeting itself was very convincing .She assured us that the things could work out without much of a problem. The thing which struck us was her decision to treat me instead of my husband. This I can easily tell, shows her knowledge in treating patient who have infertility problem. All this years many doctors suggested that it was the sperm count problem the only reason that i was not conceiving, since all my reports were ok.

The only thing we were told that her instruction were to be followed perfectly. I was told to reduce my weight and to follow a proper diet during the day (and it was not all about dieting .it was more about to stay healthy and have the right food).We started the treatment in Feb 2014 , and in may 2014 I conceived, and with the grace of GOD without going through all those painful treatment. Her weekly follow up is also an important factor here. Since it helps her to decide perfectly the next course of action. I would take this opportunity to thank Dr. Sonal Sanghavi .I think, she is the best doctor we came across in all these years. I would like to make a special mention about her staff as well who are really very co-operative.

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