Hi, my name is Ms. Arora and my daughter’s name is Ms. Arora. She is 7 years old, we got her to Dr. Sonal Sanghavi’s Homeopathy Clinic when she was 5 years old. She has been taking treatment for the last two years. She is a special child, she has a genetic condition. Ms. Arora has Potocki–Lupski syndrome. She is behind her age. She cannot do anything on her own, she needs her mother’s constant help and aid. She also has a high powered number for her specks. She has speech delay and also experiences jerks in her body. She cannot balance herself when she walks. She even has autism. But from the time she has been taking treatment from Dr. Sonal, she shown immense improvement. She is able to maintain eye contact, she responds to her name. She was very hot tempered and used to often burst into tears, she has calmed down considerably. She has learnt to smile, she understand and identifies the things around her and even identifies the family members. Her speech has improved and can utter some words now. She can point to things especially food and water and ask for it. Her jerks that used to occur for the last three months has completely stopped.

Along with this, her health has also improved drastically. Her cold and cough has reduced. Her gas and infection problems in the stomach has reduced and she can now sleep peacefully in the night.

I want to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Sonal Sanghavi from my heart for treating my daughter. She not only cares for special children so well, she even gives us support and encouragement. Giving us hope at each step to care for special children with extra effort. Homeopathy has really brought about exceptional difference in Ms. Arora and it has proved to be a great treatment method for almost everything. It doesn’t even have side effects.