Mr. Agrawal

Homoeopathy Clinic


Mr. Agrawal, a 9 yr. old boy was brought to us from POSAT center of special needs on 22/9/15. He had severely delayed milestones as a symptom of “Cri- du- chat syndrome,”. It’s a chromosomal abnormality.

We began his treatment to support his neuropsychological improvement. Although we knew the limitations to get a successful prognosis, we had to give it our best. He slowly started showing remarkable progress, he started expressing his emotions, his drooling reduced, started responding to commands and conversations, his sleep improved, most importantly his gait (his posture) is improving and his recurrent illnesses have almost gone. We are still working with him, hoping for better improvements. This is what his mother had to say.

‘We came to know about Dr. Sonal from POSAT foundation where we have been taking therapy from the last 5.5 mths. I have seen fantastic results after starting with the homoeopathic treatment. He has got a chromosomal problem called cri-du-chat syndrome. When we heard about homoeopathy we were slightly surprised and wondered if homoeopathy can treat chromosomal disorders?? But we saw a drastic improvement in my son. Homoeopathy can treat not only diseases but also chromosomal disorders. People suffering from chromosomal disorders should try homoeopathy. Dr. Sonal is doing a very good job & we are very thankful to her.