Mr. Lad, 2.5 years, from South Mumbai. He came to us on 26/5/15. He is a patient of Autism spectrum disorder. His milestones were delayed. Read below what his mother had to say.

Hi, I am Ms. Lad and my son Mr. Lad was suffering a lot and I took him to Dr. Sonal Sanghavi to consult for his behavioral patterns. I took him with some hope that his condition could be identified and treated with homeopathy. He wouldn’t talk, he would be very irritable and get angry often. I was very worried as he could even sit still in school, he would cry and it would be very difficult for him. Dr. Sonal instantly understood his condition and began his treatment. In the time of his treatment she paid great attention to his condition. After a period of three months he began showing great signs of improvement, he began talking, started calling out to me, his father and sister. He began taking our directions and also pays heed to what we speak. His stubbornness has considerably reduced he has changed so much in the last one year that I recommend all of you’ll to go and take your special children to her. Take care of your family and pay attention to their wellbeing.