Mst. jedeh

Homoeopathy Clinic

Deevyanshu is identified with severe LD. We needed to work on his attention and hyperactivity in general. Dr. Maya Nanavati from Posat recommended us Dr. Sonal’s homeopathic healing. Its been more then a year since we are visiting Dr. Sonal. I find tremendous change in Deevyanshu over this period. He has become more accepting and adaptable. He is 12 years old. In a typical pre teen.But I find him more composed and calm. There are times when he displays irritation but there is instant recovery. His attention span has increased. Academically he is still struggling with difficult concepts and maths is a huge issue. But he is trying his best. Overall happy with the results. Wish there was some magic wand to solve his academic issues☺

I would sincerely thank Dr. Sonal. I would also like to thank staff here for their support.

Heartfelt gratitude!