‘I have a skin disease called ‘Atopic Dermatitis’. Before coming to Dr. Sanghavi for treatment, I had tried various medicines such as Allopathy, Ayurveda and other such treatments. I have been suffering from this disease from childhood but nothing helped to heal it. However, I am glad that one of my relatives gave me doctor’s reference. I have been getting treated from the last 3-4 months. The difference is seen very clearly on my skin, by me and even others. Apart from Atopic being cleared my skin’s colour and texture has also changed for the better. Homeopathy medicines are advisable to all. It is more costly than allopathy but effective and has no side effects. Even if you take something in excess by mistake, there are no dangers. There are no side effects, irrespective of the person’s strength and health.
Homeopathy is advisable for all. These medicines take time to show on you but they are effective and long lasting. ‘
Homeopathy does show miraculous results.