Mrs. P. Yadav

Homoeopathy Clinic

Medical History Of Patient

Mrs. Yadav ,a 37 years old female from Mumbai came to the clinic with complaints of Depression. Suddenly she would experience fear and uneasiness. She would start weeping. Episode of fear would be followed by listnessness and she would become quite. She was even admitted for the same complaint for 2 days, one and half yr back. We started her treatment of depression in January 2017 and gradually she started experiencing the changes. There were few episodes of depression but their intensity was lesser than before, also her sleep disturbances got resolved. She was off her treatment in june 2017. Since she no longer experienced any major depressive symptoms.

Patient’s Feedback

I am 37 years old. I was under allopathic psychiatric treatment from last two years. Nothing had helped. Had unknown fears, weeping, ghabharahat. Used to have unusual behaviour. I used to get admitted for same. The severity was so bad. I came to Dr. Sonal Sanghavi’s clinic on 20/1/17……and today I’m so much better. My family has seen significant logical changes in me and my behaviour. I do get sudden attacks but much lesser and shorter in duration. Now I get sound sleep only under Homoeopathic Treatment. We saw result in just 2weeks. My treatment is still on..but I am feeling much much better…more importantly “NORMAL”. Thanks to Homoeopathy.