Mrs. G. Juwale

Homoeopathy Clinic

My age is 45 years. Since 2 years I was suffering from menorrhagia ….heavy profuse menses since last two years. I took multiple allopathic medicines but nothing was effective. Finally my doctors had advised me to remove my uterus. I was terribly tensed. I got Dr. Sonal Sanghavi’s reference and I came to her on 12/1/17. Just in 3 weeks I feel I’m cured….this cycle I had no pain, flow was moderate, stopped on its own in 4 days and I was active all through. I didn’t have to take any extra painkillers or hormones to stop pain or flow. I am fully energetic and happy. “Now my uterus will be saved”. Thanks to Homoeopathy and Dr. Sonal n team.