Mr. Hegde

Homoeopathy Clinic

Medical History of Patient :

Gender : M         Age : 26 years    Enrollment  Dt. : 28/9/14


Mr.  Hegde came to us with a bizarre of mental complaints including Depression, Agitation with suicidal disposition, Irrational behavior with aggression and addictions. For that he consulted allopathy doctors and was advised to start psychiatric medications (allopathy) which he did.

In the first meeting only we counseled him and explained him about what he was suffering from. As we started his treatment the first positive sign was he started talking logically although his behavior was the same. Gradually he started improving. After few months suddenly in one of the follow up he showed an interest in doing job and after our support and guidance he tried for a job and he was selected. Later on there was a improvement in his behavior too. Currently he is professionally very successful and mentally very stable.

Feedback :

In simple words Dr Sonal sanghvi is an amazing doctor… Her knowledge, analysing skills is spectacular….I had totally given up before meeting Dr Sonal sanghvi…I had almost tried half a dozen doctors however things got from  bad  to worse..however after  meeting doc sanghvi within 6 to 8 months  things started getting back on track….I’m quite well, I can say m not depressed any more… In fact m quite strong…. I must say credit only goes to doc sanghvi….. Dr Sonal sanghvi can do miracles… reach out to her if you are depressed….