Mst. Jasani

Homoeopathy Clinic


Gender  :  M                       Age  : 10 years

Mst.  Jasani  came with the  past history of pneumonia, Typhoid.

Presently he had Allergic URTI (causative factor sweets) and high grade fever. Associated complaints being Retrosternal  Burning , migraine, Lethargy and Dyschromia of face. Patient was on allopathy medication when he came to us.

After starting Homoeopathy, by 6 months patient’s lung function improved, along with positive change in his associated complaints. By next few months, patient was completely off from Allopathy medications, lethargy improved, lung function improved and patient started enjoying sweets also without any complaints.



Visited For Cough Treatment

I changed many doctors for my complain of cough and headache but there was no change in my health. I tried many medicines even homeopathic but when I came to Sonal mam she told me to take the medicines only for six months and there was also much change in my health. First I wasn’t even able to eat any sweets or chocolates but when I started homeopathic medicines, I am able to eat all my favourite things which I want. Homeopathic rocks!!!!!! Thaaaaanks a lot Dr. Sonal mam.